President's Message


Passion for a skill requiring constant learning and practice is what photography involves. Developing those skills is best accomplished in an environment in which everyone shares in the learning process by exchanging knowledge and experience. That is what makes our photography club so special. We strive for professionalism and refinement with over 300 like-minded individuals.

Whether it is through instruction from highly talented photographers, field trips for specific photo opportunities, focus groups in a smaller environment or professional critique found in friendly competitions, you will find support that will meet your needs all right here in the Lakewood Ranch Digital Photography Club. 

Additionally, our members volunteer their continual developing skills by photographing special community events as well as offering those skills to local and national volunteer organizations.

All this is only possible with the support of our members and the ongoing efforts of our board of directors and the various committees involved.

I am honored to be your president and appreciate your confidence. I look forward to sharing this year with you as we grow and learn together.

Larry Deitch

President Lakewood Ranch Digital Photography Club

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