LWRDPC Competitions

Print Of The Month:
We have a “Print of the Month” contest every month at the general meetings. Anyone who wants to participant should bring an 8×10 print of  a photo you have taken that matches the monthly theme. When you arrive, just tape your photo in one of the provided mat frames, add a numbered corner to the frame and place it on a provided stand on the "Print of the Month" table in the lobby. Monthly themes can be found 
hereThree club members who have been approved as qualified judges, will judge & score photos on a 0-100 pt. scoring system. The criteria used to judge the contest photos are: Impact, Technical Excellence, Creativity, Style, Composition, Presentation, Color Balance, Center of Interest, Lighting, Subject Matter, Technique, and Story Telling. First, second, third as well as "peoples choice" ribbons  will be announced  awarded at the meeting. The winners should congregate after the meeting to have their photo taken. Participating judges will be at the scoring table at end of the meeting to discuss the scoring and how each photo that did not ribbon might be improved for next time. Each member is allowed to enter just 1 photo and any current member can participate.

Salon Competition:
Our Salon Competition is an opportunity for you to have your photos critiqued by three of our qualified member judges.. Our moderator will be our Competition Chairman and no one but you will know that your photo is being judged. In these Salon Events your photo will be pre-judged and the images that gain a merit score will be projected on a screen or displayed in a light box long enough for the judges to discuss, in some cases, what they liked about the subject photo or things to change to improve it. In the Print Salon Competition your photo must be mounted on a BLACK 16×20 mat board. The highest score a judge can give is 100 for a total from the 3 judges of 300 points. The scores will be totaled and divided by three. An average score of 80 will represent a “Merit Award”. The judges will be scoring based on the widely used and accepted “Twelve Elements” of scoring. Everyone in the audience will be able to view the projected images or prints and see which ones scored the best but they won’t know the photographer until the end when the winners will be announced.

Feedback session:
A feedback session is a great opportunity where you can bring up to 5 pictures on a memory stick and get advice from some of our advanced members on how you can improve the pictures you are considering entering into the Salon, FCCC or any competition you may want to enter. This is a really great learning opportunity you should take advantage of as many of our club ribbon winners are a result of these sessions.

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