Other Competitions

FCCC is the ‘Florida Camera Club Council’ that holds 6 competitions annually, 3 digital and 3 print. They also hold a year end competition that is open to that the years ribbon winners. Our club pays yearly dues in order for club members to be able to participate. We are just one of approximately 50 clubs statewide that make up the FCCC. Each club member who wishes to compete in FCCC competitions must register on their own with FCCC. Go to their web site, www.f3c.org and register. Once you request membership as a member of the LWRDPC, a confirmation request will be sent to the LWRDPC club representative who will verify your club affiliation and you are a member in good standing and an email confirmation will then be sent to you. If you chose to compete in one of the competitions, you will be asked to pay the competition fee, currently $10. Once that payment has been confirmed, normally within 24 hours, you can then submit your photos in accordance with FCCC instructions and rules. You will normally start in the “beginner” category.

Quad Competition:
The Quad competition is a friendly photo competition between four local photography clubs, Sun City Photography Club, Suncoast Photography Club, Sarasota Photography Club and LWRDPC. We participated for the first time in 2014 and won the 1st place trophy.  Each club must submit 15 color and 10 black and white photos that represent their club members best work for that calendar year. Watch for details of this event in our newsletter and Facebook page.

Other Competitions:
There are numerous other places all over the Suncoast, Statewide, Regionally and even Nationally that are all available to enter your work for judging. Some of our members are renowned photographers that have been published in all kinds of media, even in National Geographic. Most of our club is made up of beginners, hobbyists and intermediate level shooters but some are climbing the ladder to achieve prominence in the field through these competitions and the varied educational programs we offer. These events are the best way to measure your photographic progress so you can continue to improve. Have fun and enjoy the journey.


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