Share Your Work

Each member is allowed to send up to 3 photos and/or a short video each month to be included in a presentation that runs during the break or at the end of our meeting. Those photos and/or video can be on any subject as this is a great way to let other members see what kind of photography interests you, and what you have been shooting during the past month. 

There is a maximum of 3 photos per member and one short video, but there is no minimum, so feel free to send just one or two photos or a short video if you are comfortable with that. 

Photos and/or videos should be emailed to Dave Kurshan at  no later than the Friday night prior to the Wednesday meeting. Please try to adjust your photos to 1080 X 1920 px, if you can. If you are not sure how to do that just send them anyway and if Dave has a problem with their size he will let you know and walk you through the process of how to resize your photos. 

Feel free to talk to any Board member at any meeting if you have any additional questions or concerns. Members can also E-mail any Board member. Their E-mail addresses are in the "Directory."  or in the EXECUTIVE BOARD section under the "ABOUT US" button above.

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