Print of the Month Themes

The Print of the Month is a way of developing your photography through new monthly challenges, strengthening your skills and presenting the results. Look at each month's theme and start planning your photoshoot and capture what you think will best represent it.  Please only enter current images.

Each participant should bring one 8" × 10" print of their photo, based on the themes below. When you arrive just tape your photo inside one of the provided mat frames, add a numbered corner to the frame and place it in a stand on the "Print of the Month" table.   

Good luck!

Judging Criteria

1.  Reflects the theme (sticking to the subject)
2.  Composition
3.  Focus (Sharp focus on the subject matter, if that is the intent0
4.  Creativity - Impact
5.  Cropping (8" x 10" format only)
6.  Print quality
7.  Center of interest
8.  Lighting, Color balance
9.  Technique
10. Editing

2019 Print of the Month Themes

Jan.   My Passion

Feb.     Connections - Generations (Portraits)

Mar.    Time-Lapse

In time-lapse photography, the camera records images at a specific slow interval such as one frame every thirty seconds (1/30 frame/s). The shutter will be open for some portion of that time. In short exposure time-lapse the film is exposed to light for a normal exposure time over an abnormal frame interval.

Apr.     Still Life (No Flowers)

Still life photography is a genre of photography used for the depiction of inanimate subject matter, typically a small group of objects.

May     Infrastructure

Infrastructure refers to fixed installations that might include roads, bridges, dams, the water and sewer systems, railways and subways, airports, and harbors etc.

June    Caught in Action

A photograph that shows someone or something in action.

July    Embracing Mid-Day Light

How to effectively handle the mid-day light that has excessive contrast, blown out highlights and harsh shadows.

Aug.     Vanishing Point

Use perspective and vanishing point in your photo to emphasize the large scale of a landscape or add a sense of drama to your images. 

Sept.    Low Light

Low light refers to shooting in limited light conditions where you have to increase your ISO or slow your shutter speed. 

Oct.     Be a Photojournalist

Presenting a news story or event through a photograph.

Nov.     No Edit November

 Straight out of the camera!

Dec.     Show Your Bokeh

Bokeh refers to the out-of-focus area of an image for the purpose of forcing your attention on a particular area of the image.

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